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The knowledgeable agents at ERA Hart Sargis-Breen can work with you from start to finish to accurately price the property, stage your home for showings and negotiate buyer offers.

Steps of the Home Selling Process

An experienced agent can help you identify the best time to sell. During this process, your agent will evaluate the market, make home repair recommendations, help price the home, negotiate offers and more!

1. Understand the Market

When preparing to sell your home, first consider the current market conditions. If the housing market slows in your area during winter and you’re eager to sell quickly, that season might not be the best time to list. You want to make sure there are interested buyers in your area, so you’re not forced to bring the price down to attract offers.

2. Price It Right

Our experienced agents can accurately assess the value of your home and present a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This is an outline of the proposed sale price and broker’s plan to market and sell the property.

Real estate CMA software can show:

  • Average sale price in your neighborhood
  • Homes listed that did not sell
  • Days on the housing market
  • The impact of overpricing

Factors like location, the age and condition of the property, square footage and any recent updates are also taken into consideration to propose a sale price to sellers.  

3. Work with a Professional

Working with ERA Hart Sargis-Breen has many benefits beyond the accurate pricing of your home. Our agents have the experience and expertise to handle marketing, client visits and questions, paperwork, legal issues and more. In the long-run, working with our team can save you time, hassle and money!

4. Get the Job Done: Curb Appeal

We know what makes a home sell. Our agents can identify flaws and recommend changes to attract more buyers and get the best offers. You may overlook aspects you see every day – for instance, dirt and grime on the exterior, a broken walkway step or overgrown shrubs.

5. Prepare to Negotiate

Tempted to accept the first or second offer on your home? Consult with your real estate agent first. If you choose not to take the initial offer, don’t worry – our team has effective strategies to make sure your home does not sit on the market for too long. We also have successful negotiation strategies to make sure you get top dollar for your home in any market conditions.

6. Seal the Deal

Your real estate agent handles all communication between you and the other party. He or she also reviews all documents for accuracy and ensures that all terms and conditions have been met before the sale is final.

Let us help you sell your home!

To start the listing process, contact an ERA Hart Sargis-Breen agent today.